Top 6 Uses for Excavator Hire

Excavators are one of the most versatile heavy tools used in the construction industry. With numerous attachments available and a range of features, excavators can take on a number of functions on any construction site. If you’re thinking about hiring heavy machinery in Shrewsbury and you’re wondering if an excavator is the right plant for the job, this post will show you what they can do.

1. Earthmoving

Most people think of earthmoving when they picture an excavator. The large bucket attachment has teeth which enable it to cut through earth and scoop it up easily.

This makes it a great option for:

  • Trench digging: whether you need to set foundations, install wiring or pipes, or just prepare a new area to plant seeds, an excavator makes quick work of trenches.
  • Landscaping: digging out earth for a new patio, lawn, or setting new foundations for an extension will all require a quality excavator.

2. Material handling

Excavators come with a clamp attachment which makes it the best tool for material handling. This turns it into a giant claw that can pick up material that wouldn’t normally fit in the usual bucket attachment.

Large excavators for commercial projects have counterweights and elevated cabs for better stability and visibility when picking up large objects like boulders.

So whether you need to move rubble or take large boulders out of a construction site, an excavator is the tool for the job.

3. Demolition

When fitted with a breaker attachment, an excavator is a great tool for various demolition jobs. A standard breaker gives around one hundred pounds of impact which will easily break through concrete and brick.

With the added safety, stability, and visibility features, excavators are a great choice for bringing down old buildings and the like.

4. Tunneling

Also known as underground excavation, tunneling simply means making passages underground. Auger attachments on excavators get the best results for this specific task because they dig deep into compact ground using hydraulic circuits.

Smaller excavators are usually used during tunneling because of the limited amount of space. But anything from creating underground tunnels for train lines to digging out a new basement can be accomplished with an excavator.

5. Forestry

One of the lesser-known functions of an excavator is in forestry. Operators regularly use them to carve out access routes, move large fallen branches, cut back thick brush, and shear.

Excavators for forestry come with special attachments including shears, mulchers, and more to make them suited to the task.

6. Rubble removal

Finally, excavators are often used to remove rubble and debris from construction sites. Bucket and clamp attachments make it easy to pick up large loads of debris and transfer them to removal trucks or safer areas.

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