The Different Types of Heavy Machinery Used in Construction

When it comes to construction projects, there is a range of plant for hire to get the job done as professionally as possible. Whether you’re building an extension or demolishing an old building and laying new foundations, there is specialist heavy equipment for the job. In this post, we’ll cover the most common types of heavy machinery and how they are used in the construction industry in Shrewsbury.

Heavy machinery hire in Shrewsbury


In any type of earthmoving project, the excavator is key. Excavators are tracked, which gives them more surface area to roll across irregular terrain and stabilise as they work, which is why they are a popular choice for construction sites.

They also come with a range of attachments that make them useful in digging, earthmoving, demolition, and more. You’ll also find mini and large versions, which is great for both large and small construction projects.


Bulldozers are designed to demolish, push, and crush dirt and rock. The significant weight gives them enough force to break through concrete and stone and shift even giant boulders with ease.

Dozers come in a range of sizes for different projects, and it’s important to calculate the right size to keep costs down and make the site safe. They also come with a range of attachments to give more options.


Loaders refer to a group of heavy equipment that carry out a range of functions. Backhoe loaders have an excavator arm and a digging bucket to give more versatility on the site, whereas multi-terrain loaders are tracked earthmoving machines for clearing dirt and preparing for new foundations.

Since these have great versatility and better functionality, they are a popular choice for construction sites.


Dumpers are useful in the very early stages of any construction projects. They are used to transport materials to and from construction sites, often used when clearing the way for new foundations or in the demolition of old buildings.

Dumpers come in a range of sizes so are a popular choice for both large commercial and small residential projects.


Compactors are used once all the earth has been removed and the site needs to be prepared for new foundations. The compactor crushes and compresses loads of soil to give a smooth, level surface.

Whether you plan on laying a foundation for a new house, a pavement, or landscaping, a compactor will make quick work of the preparation work.

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