How to Choose the Right Heavy Machinery to Hire For Your Construction Project

When you’re planning on hiring heavy machinery for a construction project, it’s important to do your research and know what equipment is best for the job. Different plant carries out different functions and having the wrong machinery will only slow your project down. If you’re planning a construction project in Shrewsbury, this guide will show you how to choose the right plant hire for the job.

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1. What type of project is it?

There are few broad categories of construction that each project falls into. It’s important to know what category yours is under to choose the right equipment for the job.

The type of project will determine what type of equipment you need. Here’s a run down of the different types to help you narrow it down:

Landscaping and general construction

Residential or small commercial projects usually fall into this category. Since they are smaller and have less workspace, you’ll need compact, versatile equipment so less machinery is needed in the space.

Excavators, loaders, and dozers are popular choices since these are designed to dig up foundations and smooth out terrain. Excavators are a popular choice since they can carry out several different functions, eliminating the need for multiple tools on the small site. 

Industrial construction and mining

This covers large commercial projects that usually need a wider range of plant hire for digging, hauling, and hoisting materials safely.

Large, rugged machinery is needed for industrial work that is designed for high-capacity performance and heavy-duty use.

Since industrial and large commercial projects usually take months to complete, there is a wider variety of plant machinery suited to this type of project.

Infrastructure and civic works

Working on any type of infrastructure like pipework or road laying requires specialist machinery like cold planers and road pavers, as well as heavy-duty earthmoving equipment that can perform under all weather conditions.

These projects are usually also time and budget-sensitive, so contractors need specialised equipment to reduce costs and boost productivity.

2. What level of versatility do you need?

Once you know what type of project you’re undertaking, it’s time to think about the level of versatility you need your machinery to have.

Earthmoving equipment tends to be the most versatile and can perform several functions. If you’re completing a small construction project and want to get the most use out of a single machine, a reliable excavator or digger with different attachments can be useful.

By knowing exactly what functions you need the machine to carry out, you can get the most useful plant for the task.

3. What size is the project area?

Finally, think about the size of the area you have to work with. If you have a large construction site for a housing development, you’ll have the capacity for large machinery and multiple machines to get the job done faster.

On the other hand, if you’re working on an extension in a small backyard, you’re going to be limited to mini diggers and other compact machinery that may take longer to use, but will be easier to maneuver in the space.

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